Women With Curves a Healthy Trend

By: Erica Winters

Beauty is Much More Than a Thin Waist
Beauty is Much More Than a Thin Waist

Our idea of beauty has changed throughout the years. Within the past ten years, we have seen a shift in what a woman’s idea of beauty is from makeup, clothes, and body type. Makeup and clothes have evolved from a soft, more conservative look, to vibrant looks that challenge the old ways of thinking. Makeup styles are pushing the boundaries with bold, darker colors; something that would be unheard of ten years ago unless you were going out for an evening. One of the biggest shifts we have seen though is the idea of beauty through the size and shape of a woman. No longer are we seeing images of dangerously skinny women spread across magazine covers. The days of Twiggy and Kate Moss have passed. Women with more curves and definition are starting to replace these images, forcing us to adjust our idea of what beauty means and to start supporting a healthier body image.


Women With Curves a Healthy TrendGrowing up, I was raised to believe that beauty was a thin waist. Nothing mattered, as long as your waist was skinny. My mother obsessed about obtaining this “perfect body” to dangerous levels. As a teenager and young adult, I have always had a curvy body, so to see my mom obsess so much over being thin, was a confusing message to me. How could she tell me I’m beautiful, yet show me with her actions that a beautiful body was a thin waist; something I did not have? I would look at images of models or actresses and wonder why I didn’t look like them, and since I didn’t, I must not be beautiful.


As the years have progressed, I have learned that I am not alone in how I feel, because as a society we are seeing a great shift. People are starting to be more comfortable with their self-image, resulting in people showing off their unique fashion sense, makeup trends, and curvier bodies.


Fashion trends come and go but in recent years it seems that women with curves are back. Some examples include Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame, Danielle Brooks from Orange is the New Black and the hilarious Rebel Wilson. Lane Bryant is a brand that now openly pursues and caters to plus-sized women. For decades unattainable beauty was the standard we saw in magazines. I am so happy that the waif look and being a size zero are no longer the benchmark of female beauty. People are finally realizing that all women are beautiful. Curves are sexy and a healthy body image is one of the most important things we can instill in young women all over the world. A thin waist is not the measure of female beauty. I am so glad to see our perception of female beauty has changed to be more inclusive instead of exclusive.


Beautiful Women with Curves


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Erica Winters is a regular contributor to our Thigh Guards body positive blog. Her work has been featured at numerous online media outlets. She's an expert on skin care, a style guru and we can only assume that she loves the Hoosiers since she hails from Indiana. Stay tuned for her next take!


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