Testimonials for Thigh Guards

Bella Lace Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands"I love the way they look on me. Also, I like that they are Made in America. The two grippers are solid but the lace is still sexy."
Katy, Sacramento, CA

"I've got full thighs and I have to walk quite a bit for work. These are a lifesaver. Thank you!"
Becca, Las Vegas, NV

"I knew I would be on my feet all day long on my wedding day. These kept my thighs from rubbing and we actually used them as part of our garter ceremony. I bought two pair just in case."
Mandy, Louisville, KY

"They look sexy and I love wearing them. They also did their job kept my strong thighs from rubbing together."
Shelly, Kansas City, MO

Black Bella Lace Thigh Guards Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands"I can confidently wear my dresses and skirts again without the pain of thigh chafing, I’ve already ordered 4 more pairs! I also admire how easy they are to wash. I just put them in the cold wash and let them air dry. Thank you, Thigh Guards!"
Tiffany, Richmond, VA

"These match my tan pretty well but I love them because they are much cooler than yoga pants for running it gets pretty dern hot here."
Angel, Dallas, TX

"It's way to hot here for yoga pants or yoga shorts. These work well for me when I take my morning walk. Lotion always wore off and my thighs ended up chaffing."
MJ, Mesa, AZ

"So far I love them. I have darker skin and they make me feel sexy while stopping my thighs from rubbing together."
Beth, Atlanta, GA

Solid Skin Tone Attivo Anti-Chafing Thigh Band Covers"Bought these a while back and I love them. They don't slip down and I can wear them under almost anything. The summers here are insane and these actually cool my thighs."
Carey, Houston, TX

"I wear these when I go for a run because they are breathable. It's way to hot here for yoga pants. I love them!"
Cheryl, Grapevine, TX

"This product is EVERYTHING! I've been through a couple of thigh bands from other companies. The other products did not deliver on what they said and terms of quality, staying on your thighs but these thigh bands are amazing they are exactly what they promised they don't slide down they stay in place and that is super important because I do not have time to be goofing off with pulling the bands up and down to adjusting them. I will definitely get another pair."
Angie, Kansas City, MO